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Simplex 2000 Series auxilary push button locks from Ilco UnicanIlco Unican 2000 Series locksets

The Simplex 2000 Series provides fully mechanical pushbutton access control for electrically operated equipment. The 2000 Series switch controls are ideal for limiting access to areas such as parking garages, lifts, building entrances and gates - essentially anywhere with a high turnover of people

Some of the features of the Ilco Unican 2000 Series locksets are as follows:

Fully mechanical: Like the 900 Series, the 2000 Series is fully mechanical - therefore a power loss has no effect and the locks can still be operated.

Extremely versatile: Once again, the 2000 Series has different entry / exit options. Both the inside and outside can be set up with different codes. If a simpler solution is required, the inside can be turn operated.

Cost effective: The 2000 series eliminates the problems associated with the issue, control and access of swipe cards and keys. This can save your company a lot of money in the long run.

Ongoing security: Combination codes can be easily and quickly changed - ideal for when employees, tenants or visitors leave your premises. Combinations can be changed without having to remove the locks from the wall.

Unlimited combination changes: Codes can be from one to five digits in length. Authorised personnel can change the codes in seconds.

SOS Mobile Locksmiths can supply and fit the full range of Ilco Unican 2000 Series locks. This includes the following models: 2430BB and 2435BB (brass finish, pictured above), 2430SC and 2435SC (satin chrome finish), the 2430DS/10DS/SC (double sided combination lock allowing use of two different codes in a chrome finish), 2230NL (digital door lock - front only).

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